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Chipotle Chorizo

Chipotle has announced that it is adding a new meat option, chorizo, to some select restaurants for the first time in years. This is basically a spicy Mexican chicken and pork sausage. Traditional chorizos are made strictly from pork, but possibly due to sourcing issues, chicken will be added the Chipotle version. By the fall it will be offered in all restaurants nationwide. This pork and chicken recipe is seasoned with paprika, toasted cumin and chipotle peppers, and it is seared on a hot grill to a perfect char.


This is a very exciting offering because we love spicy tasty foods! Although Chipotle’s other meat options such as chicken, steak and pork are already winners, adding some spice to the menu can’t hurt. Although you can already add ample spice with our favorite Chipotle flavor hot sauce, we think getting another meat option with some extra kick in it will make the menu even better.


Unbeknownst to us, the chorizo was actually on the menu since 2011 in a few select locations. This new version of the chorizo has been reformulated and is lighter and less greasy than the traditional chorizo because of the chicken that is added to the recipe. First, the chorizo is formed into patties, then seared on the grill, and finally crumbled before it is ready to serve.


Whatever attention that Chipotle gets from this new menu item, it will do well to distract from the food contamination scandals over the past year. It seems the popular Mexican fast serve chain has lost its luster, and it is making efforts to win back customers. Another popular hit menu item would be the first step in getting these customers back, but it must also make sure that it gets its food safety issues under wraps for good. This has been a surprising issue, since the company’s mission is all about sourcing its food in the most environmentally friendly, ethical and healthy way. Image is everything in business, so Chipotle needs to create a new image of clean healthy food so that it leaves all its negative issues in the past in the minds of consumers. That being said, as long as we don’t get sick, we will keep eating here as one of our favorite fast food places!