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American Desserts

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American Desserts are the new rage in the 21st century. People always classified desserts as a luxury in the past. Desserts are very important in a person’s life now because memories can be built based on it. Desserts can help cherish memories for individuals. Cakes are typically the most wanted dessert across the board in America. The typical American has cake at big events, otherwise they like frozen yogurt or ice cream on a typical day in the summer when going out to eat.


Desserts come in different flavors across the board, from basic flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, to other flavors such as mint and pumpkin flavors. Pumpkin pies are behind only chocolate chip pies for favorite type of pie in America, according to Statistic Brain. Despite this, pumpkin pies are not typically available in stores for most of the year. They are typically only available from September to January, mainly being there for the holiday season. Dessert restaurants can try to make their menu much more attractive and standout with pumpkin pies during this season.


Desserts are also much more creative in today’s world. In the past, if you heard of recipes combining foods such as pizza and ice cream, everyone would label you a crazy person. However, there is a sweet known as ice cream pizza! There is also sushi cake, spinach brownies, Buffalo chicken cannoli, and much more. Desserts have taken their creativity to the next level in recent times.


Some of the compelling stories in the dessert industry include Sweet Frog and Pinkberry, which are dominating the frozen yogurt scene by having established froyo chains starting from their respective local communities. Sweet Frog had its humble beginnings as a shop selling frozen yogurt in Virginia, while Pinkberry is one of the originators of the froyo craze in California. Sweet Frog and Pinkberry are two very fascinating startup stories in the dessert industry.


The Cheesecake Factory and Shake Shack are popular places to go for casual dining. These two restaurants have their names based on desserts. The Cheesecake Factory has a gigantic menu full of different cheesecakes to choose from. The irony is that their main meals are so diverse and filling, people typically do not have any space in their stomachs for cheesecakes. Shake Shack’s signature name is based on its shake dessert, however it is mainly a burger joint with other fast food offerings as well.


The best target for sweet shops is the younger generation. Throughout childhood, one thing that we were all very interested in was sweets. Whether it was candy, chocolates, or ice cream. Just reminisce about every time the ice cream truck came by the neighborhood and kids would rush to the enticing tune played by the truck. Desserts and the dessert business are only getting more innovative and creative as time passes, and they will always be an iconic part of life in America for kids and adults alike.